Pulley Thorens  td 125 160 166 145    50 hz version

One of the easiest ways to improve the performance of your Thorens  TD 125 MKII 160, 165, 166, 145, 146, or 147 is to replace the worn, plastic drive pulley with our precision-machined, four-piece alloy pulley. True to the original Thorens design, our pulley includes the critical, spring-based clutch system. This clutch allows the pulley to slip momentarily at startup until the heavy platter reaches operating speed. This allows the motor to operate at full speed immediately, maximizing torque. More importantly, the clutch reduces startup stress on the motor and belt. Simpler, one-piece replacement pulleys eliminate the performance and safety benefits of the clutch system entirely. Our alloy design also utilizes a self-lubricating phosphorus bronze bushing in place of the original plastic.

This pulley is for use ONLY in the following 50 HZ Thorens models 

TD  125 160 165 166 145 146 147

Please ask your model at the end of purchase.

Audiosilente, based in Rome, Italy, utilizes CNC Dental Lathes to produce a line of tight tolerance, precision-machined replacement parts for a variety of audiophile turntables from Thorens, Garrard, Rega, Lenco, Technics and others. We strive to produce parts that are true to the original design, that meet or exceed OEM specifications, but most of all, that will improve the performance, the sound of your prized turntable.

Audiosilente also offers custom rebuild services for Thorens turntables, as well as for other makes and models. Audiosilente offers full Thorens E50 motor rebuilding, including custom-made heavy-duty coils for the early E50 design. Simone Lucchetti, the owner of Audiosilente, has been working with audiophile turntables for decades. He rebuilt his first Thorens in 1988. It is still operating perfectly today. To date, Simone has rebuilt approximately 2,000 Thorens turntables for customers around the world.