Aluminum headshell


This new line of Audiosilente headshells 
 is no exception.
It is made of aircraft aluminum, with standard eia connector and compatible with all arms that use this type of connection.

Connector Eia is compatible with Sme tonearm, Fidelity research tonearm and more.

Available in black anodized or sandblasted gray finish, the correct azimuth is set by a 2.5 mm rear screw. The finger lift is made of brass or black anodized steel. The eia connector is gold plated brass or black anodized aluminum. Signal conducting pins are made of gold plated brass with delrin insulation. Each headshell is individually assembled and tested.

The wire sets are based on our clips and made of phosphor bronze with double gold plating, the wires are made of copper plated in a silver bath and have an outer sheath of soft silicone.

All wire sets are hand soldered one by one, for a perfect signal conduction.

Combining the various parts of this headshell, you get 5 different versions with both a different look and a different weight, as follows:


choose the model you want, the price is for 1 pcs

complete with an eia con!nector and a set of wires.

Allen key not included 


please indicate the model at the time of purchase

GBB: Gray headshell with black connector and black lift = 13.60 grams

GBG: Gray headshell with black connector and gray lift = 13.70 grams

 BBB: Black headshell with black connector and black lift  = 13.90 grams

GGG: Gray headshell with gold connector and gold lift = 15.60 grams

BGG: Black headshell with gold connector and gold lift = 15.80 grams

                                             Made in Italy by Audiosilente.                   


 At last available our headshells machined from T1000 carbon fiber with azimuth adjustment. 
They come in two different configurations of different weight depending on the material the connector is made of. 
The black anodized aluminum is 12 grams while the golden plated brass is 14 grams. 
Made in Italy by Audiosilente. 

Please Specify In Your Order Which Type You Intend To Purchase (Black Anodized Or Golden Brass)